Approved Charity Registration #CA100-182C

CUMI -  TRN: 001-530-585


The local and international media reports highlights the services offered by CUMI and demonstrates the impressive level of community service from a small NGO providing a necessary safety net that compliments mental health services in the community of Montego Bay, St. James. Through the forming of partnerships the limited resources are able to target the vulnerable and serve to compliment the health provision in the community.


The CUMI rehabilitation day programme has assisted the homeless and the mentally ill to achieve an improved quality of life that has provided many, the opportunity to develop a better sustainability for their future.


The majority of clients enter the programme with a status which identifies them as mentally ill or homeless. Many returned to the community as productive individuals with the aim to contribute to their own sustainability.


CUMI is totally funded and supported from donations. In 1993 [coming out of the late Elizabeth Hall’s vision] CUMI established the Paul Eldemire CUMI JMMB Trust Fund investment with the vision to create financial sustainability.


Since 2009 the replenishing of the trust fund investment comes from the income raised from the annual CUMI Come Run.


Committee for the Upliftment of the Mentally Ill (CUMI) located at:
Isaac Dylan Drive (Rectory Drive),
Montego Bay, St. James, Jamaica West Indies,
P.O. Box #1751, Montego Bay #2 P.O.

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