Approved Charity Registration #CA100-182C

CUMI – TRN: 001-530-585

Day Centre & Night Shelter

The CUMI Day Centre staff members consist of: the Nurse Administrator, 2 assistants (Office Administration and Client’s Activity), male staff/ (security) support, 2 part-time cooks (job sharing). Volunteers and Students from various organizations, institutions and professional bodies along with independent persons, (local and international groups) support the staff/team.

The CUMI Rehabilitation Day Centre: Opening hours – Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 4:00 pm, located at Isaac Dylan Drive (Rectory Drive), Brandon Hill, Montego Bay (less than one mile from the town centre).

During the day, clients are provided with two nutritious meals (breakfast and lunches) and as necessary, clothing and other essentials for personal care. The programme offers Activities of Daily Living Skills, Social and Vocational Therapeutic Rehabilitation which maintains stable status and prepares clients for returning to the community and in some cases to seek employment or as employed.

The St. James Mental Health Officers (MHO) and the Mental Health Nursing Aids conduct Clinical Services by appointment or walk-in, for all clients/patients from any of the clinics located across the St. James communities.

St. James Clinics – The Cornwall Regional Hospital Psychiatric Clinic, Type 5 Health Centre, Adelphi, Flanker, Maroon Town, Cambridge, Mt. Pelier, Granville and Glendevon Health Centre.

Within the limits of available resources, CUMI also provides family and public education on mental illness issues. All eligible clients are referred to the Poor Relief Department [social benefit office] of St. James, for processing in order to receive entitlements (such as Poor Relief/PATH, and application for Food for the Poor Housing units where appropriate). These services are aimed at addressing some of the social needs. The nature of the illness and the availability of resources determine the length of treatment/rehabilitation that CUMI can offer. CUMI’s clients, ratio is usually – male 2/3rd female 1/3.

Night Shelter:  Open Heart Charitable Mission Night Shelter (Refuge of Hope) is operated by the St. James Parish Council/ Poor Relief Department, located on Albion Road Montego Bay.
Because of a lack of intermediate term care facilities in Western Jamaica, fully rehabilitated ex-street persons who have no home placement in the community are given the option to use the Day Centre and Night Shelter services while attending work, and seeking independent housing solutions.