Approved Charity Registration #CA100-182C

CUMI – TRN: 001-530-585


CUMI receives telephone requests for outreach assistance to deal with persons living on the streets as homeless or with mental disorders who are creating social problems.
These are documented at CUMI with what assistance can be given. All request for responding to incidents/crises relating to mental health issues are referred to the Psychiatric Emergency Maintenance Team (PEMT) c/o the Cornwall Regional Hospital Psychiatric Department:   Telephone: 876-684–4108 or 876- 952-5100-9

The Mental Health Officer’s (MHO team) and the PEMT ambulance/bus are the health professionals who respond to community needs.
Request for assistance to address social issues are referred to the Poor Relief Office 
Telephone: 876-952-2683

St. James Parish Council 876-952-5500-2

Referrals to CUMI Day Centre for rehabilitation are made by the Psychiatric Department or the Community Health Centre’s Mental Health Professionals.