Approved Charity Registration #CA100-182C

CUMI – TRN: 001-530-585


There are 5 main groups which access the programme: 

  • The clients who are discharged from hospital care to family support and attend CUMI Rehabilitation Day Centre to be involved in Activities of Daily Living.
  • Homeless/mentally ill persons for community follow-up care and rehabilitation
  •  Homeless/drugs related problems –for psychologist/counselling & rehabilitation activities
  • Homeless/economically poor- for counselling, job application assistance and referrals
  • Homeless/HIV/AIDS – counselling and clinical referrals.

Services to these groups are provided through the collaborative effort of CUMI and various agencies in the Montego Bay area. Although CUMI’s services are predominately for the mentally ill, it acts as the referral agency for cases of drug addiction, the economically poor and HIV/AIDS cases.
All clients, as per need, are provided with temporary services including food, clothing, shelter, medication, daily-living-skills training, community psychiatric care, psychologist sessions and job placement where possible.

These services are aimed at restoring client’s back to their family supported environment or independent living. CUMI tries to ensure that all eligible clients receive their entitlement/ (government benefit), such as PATH (Poverty Alleviation Training for Health & Education) and Poor Relief aid.  All efforts are made to educate families, for them to learn and understand mental illnesses along with public education extended to the communities.