Approved Charity Registration #CA100-182C

CUMI – TRN: 001-530-585

Agency Relations

CUMI’s relationship with CRH Department of Psychiatry is of fundamental importance for the delivery of services.

In the cases of drug addiction, clients are attended to within the department. Presently no detoxification programme is available in Montego Bay.

The Rehabilitation programme plan for the homeless mentally ill usually begins with the hospitalization of an acutely ill patient. Assessment, Diagnosis, Medical case file, Prescriptions for Medication, Group and/or Individual Counselling, Occupational Assessment, Family Education and arrangement for follow-up treatment are services typically provided by the hospital and CUMI.

Once discharged from hospital, clients who are in the care of CUMI continue the treatment plan with rehabilitation. Clients with families are discharged in there care, with appointments to attend the psychiatric clinics in the community or within the hospital setting. Often, stabilized patients from CRH are referred to CUMI for continued rehabilitation.

  • In-patient Department: Provides admission for acutely psychotic clients on recommendation of the staff physician/psychiatrist. In the case of CUMI, clients are
    re-admitted into the rehabilitation programme once stabilized and discharged from hospital.

  • Community Psychiatry:
    The Mental Health Officer’s (MHO) provides mental health care services/ Primary Health Care from the various Clinics and Health Centre’s in the communities.

  • Pharmacy:
    The Hospital and Health Centre’s Pharmacies provides oral prescribed medication, (as available). Clients/ patients are encouraged to use the NHF (National Health Fund) card to reduce cost.

Poor Relief: (welfare/social benefit department): Provides assistance to the economically poor by way of the PATH (Poverty Alleviation Health and Education) programme and for those eligible contributors through the National Insurance Scheme (NIS).

This service comes under the auspices of the Poor Relief Department/ St. James Parish Council. The provision for the St. James Infirmary, which provides housing and care for the elderly also falls under the St. James Parish Council (local government).

The Mental Health Act provides directives for the police to protect persons of unsound mind and accompany them to hospital or make arrangements for a Mental Health Officer to assess the behaviour and condition of such persons if in custody.

The Act also provides for persons who may be of danger to themselves or society to be apprehended by the police and then taken to the appropriate service place of safety. Citizen requests or complaints should be referred to Psychiatric Emergency Maintenance Team at the Cornwall Regional Hospital (P.E.M.T).

The St. James Health Department (Type V Clinic) provides Primary Health Care, Medical Treatment and Referrals to the hospital upon receipt of a Referral Note from CUMI identifying the client. The Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) HIV/AIDS Clinic provides services for assessment and treatment, as well as providing health education and counselling services.

Several NGOs collaborate with CUMI in providing community health care. They are listed as follows:

  • Savannah- La- Mar Hospital and MHO programme Tel: 876-955-9135:
    Provide clinics and outreach to the homeless mentally ill
    (WASP–Westmoreland Association for Street People

  • Clarendon Association for Street Persons (CLASP) Tel: 876-986-6902: provides services for the homeless from a facility located at the infirmary.

  • Portland Rehabilitation Management Homeless Shelter offer services to the homeless and mentally ill. Tel: 876-993-8888/ cell: 876-359-6105. Email: Website:

  • Open Heart Charitable Mission Care Centre (Montego Bay, St. James) Tel: 876-971-9097 | Night Shelter Tel: 876-971-5625. Email:| | Website:

  • Friends of the Homeless Care Centre (Kingston)| Tel: 876-383-7070 | |Tel: 876-938-1757 |Network cell: 876-954-0765.

  • Churches:  Burchell Baptist Church and Half Moon Hotel – supports the CUMI feeding programme by providing lunches on various days of the month.
    St. John Methodist Men’s Fellowship support CUMI with Cash Donation from their Annual Fundraising Event.
    Light House of Faith International along with other Churches makes sporadic Donations in Gift-In-Kind.

  • Local Businesses: a number of which support CUMI with pledges in cash and

    Regular Supporters: HART Group of Companies (Saffack and Cargo Handlers) and Jamaica Money Market Broker’s (JMMB).
    Mr. R. I. Whitfield and sporadic supporters.

  • Gift-In- Kind Donors: Jimmy’s Bakery & SBCB Jamaica Ltd (Regal Bakery),
    Hall’s Investment (cooking gas), Attorney-at-law services – (Mrs. J. Hall-Hamilton) and Churches, plus a list of sporadic donors and contributors.

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