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Frequently Asked Questions

Mental Illness can be caused by many different circumstances … it can also be hereditary. A diagnosis of mental illness can arise from Chronic Schizophrenia or Depression.

Anyone can suffer from mental illness. It has absolutely nothing to do with social or economic status. Increasingly we are finding that younger people are suffering … teenagers and children can be affected.

The signs/symptoms will vary according to the source/on-set i.e. a continuous period of sadness, weeping, constant feeling of emotional breakdowns, sleep disturbance could be signs of deep depression.

There could also be signs of a change in character and normal behaviours.  Behaviour that is not in keeping with the person’s normal circumstances and noticeable enough to be of concern demonstrates the need for a professional diagnosis.

Whatever the reasons it is always best to consult a Professional.

Consult with your local General Practitioner, Social Worker, Community Mental Health Nurse or any Health professional as soon as possible.

No, it is NOT contagious.

Mental Illness can always be managed but it cannot be cured. Recovery is an on-going process. Professional help and support are needed.

Mental Illness does not manifest physically like diabetes or cancer. So often there is great misunderstanding when there are negative behaviour changes and mood swings.
Tensions can be created. Emotional deterioration occurs. It is impossible to understand or control.
Those who want to help are bewildered. They are experiencing something that is unknown.
In the past mental illness has been surrounded by superstition and fear. Families have tried to hide it because of shame. They have even disassociated with the mentally ill family member.
Fortunately, this is changing dramatically.
People now talk openly about mental illness and share experiences and information. Professionals are educating the public about it .
Best of all, many mentally ill persons, from street people to professionals to celebrities … young and old, are talking about their illness, reaching out for help and experiencing on-going recoveries with support. …
The stigma is no more.

CUMI is a Non-Profit Charitable Organization that provides all services free of cost.
If desired, persons can make donations which will help support the rehabilitation programme.

“We see you… We hear you…We honour and respect you…We will walk beside you on your journey to wellness!”

We truly welcome your interest in CUMI and invite you to participate. Please contact us and visit when possible.