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Therapeutic Recovery

Our Comprehensive Therapeutic Programme for Recovery to Mental Wellness

A Vital Partnership – The Cornwall Regional Hospital

CUMI’s relationship with Cornwall Regional Hospital’s (CRH) Department of Psychiatry is of fundamental importance for the delivery of services.

In the cases of drug addiction, clients are attended to within the Department. Presently no detoxification programme is available in Montego Bay.

The rehabilitation programme for the homeless mentally ill usually begins with the hospitalization of an acutely ill patient.

The services typically provided by the hospital and CUMI include:

*Assessment  *Diagnosis *Medical Case file  *Prescriptions for Medication

*Group and/or Individual Counselling  *Occupational Assessment

*Family Education  *Arrangement for follow-up Treatment

Once discharged from hospital, clients who are in the care of CUMI continue the treatment plan with rehabilitation. Clients with families are discharged into their care, with appointments to attend the psychiatric clinics in the community or within the hospital setting.

Often, stabilized patients from CRH are referred to CUMI for continued rehabilitation.

In-patient Department: This provides admission for acutely psychotic patients on recommendation of the staff physician/psychiatrist. In the case of CUMI, clients are re-admitted into the rehabilitation programme once stabilized and discharged from hospital.

Community Psychiatry: The Mental Health Officers (MHO) provide mental health care services/primary health care from the various Clinics and Health Centres in the communities.

Pharmacies: The Hospital and Health Centres have pharmacies which provide oral prescribed medication (as available). Clients/patients are encouraged to use the National Health Fund (NHF) card to reduce costs.

What Mental Health needs is more sunlight, more candor, more unashamed conversation.” (Glenn Close)

CUMI Clients

“What Mental Health needs is more sunlight, more candor, more unashamed conversation.”